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We are a Management Consulting firm helping organizations reach their maximum potential in growth, strategy, leadership and talent. We specialize in Mergers and Acquisitions, providing cultural integration planning and facilitation. We also offer business advisory services in the areas of Leadership Development, Team Effectiveness, Cultural Transformation, and Strategic Planning.

Our clients range from middle-market businesses to large enterprise, having national and international operations. If you are facing organizational change due to issues such as growth and expansion, cultural transitioning, or radical movement within your market, our structured processes and cutting edge methodologies will help your staff prepare for and meet the demands of transition and change. Through our unique blend of Executive Coaches, Organizational Development Consultants and strategic external partnerships, we scale our services appropriately to meet your unique and specific needs.

Mission Statement

To provide cutting-edge, competitive Organizational Development Consulting and Executive Coaching services to organizations across the globe; maximizing leadership effectiveness through individual strengths and empowering all those we connect with to reach their absolute fullest potentials.

Value Statement

Sage was founded on the belief that each and every individual was created with unique strengths and talents, and the key to a company’s success and developing a distinct competitive advantage is identifying and leveraging these qualities. We believe the best way to maximize corporate potential is through collaborative efforts that embrace and encourage the diversity of people and insight. We believe that organizations that not only serve their clients but also serve each other are organizations where cultures thrive and profits soar.

“In a democratic society, we must live cooperatively and serve the community in which we live, to the best of our ability.

For our own success to be real, it must contribute to the success of others.” 

– Eleanor Roosevelt