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The following is a list of services that are often incorporated in the scope of our client projects.


As OD consultants, our focus is to understand your organization’s performance in the areas of leadership, culture, communications, processes, and strategic alignment. We identify current or potential performance challenges and recommendations that will close gaps and build the organization’s ability to respond appropriately. Diagnostic tools such as internal assessments, data collection, benchmarking and competency modeling are utilized at an individual, team and organization wide level. As a result, the organization will:


Executive Coaching provides a platform of support and accountability for leaders to reflect on their experiences and perspectives while identifying strategies that will meet their personal and professional goals.  In the early 90’s, the term “emotional intelligence” and its direct correlation with successful leaders became a source of popularity. In addition, Executive Coaching emerged as a valuable resource to aid the growth and development of executives, managers and other organizational leaders. Since then, extensive studies have proven that leaders who engage in a consistent relationship with an Executive Coach lead to an increased:


The most powerful tools successful organizations hold are strong leaders and high performing teams.  Successful leaders are often described as competent and driven, influential and encouraging, engaging and personable, humble and appreciative. High performing teams are  described as collaborative, energetic and innovative. They tend to be results oriented while maintaining a unique camaraderie. Acquiring and maintaining all these characteristics and their supporting behaviors require reflection, hard work and accountability. Sage consultants engage with companies to determine its present state and understand future development goals.  We help to implement these goals through the following services:


Individual and team assessments come in many models, each having a different focus on human behavior and characteristics.  Selecting which assessment is best for the individuals in your organization is based on what is most applicable to your specific needs.  All have value and can be utilized to benefit the development and growth of the organization and its associates.


Whether a small practice to a multi-national organization, strategic planning is crucial for an organization’s ability to succeed. Once the strategy is defined, the structure, processes, information needs, resources, skill levels and systems of incentives can be designed and implemented. Organizations often struggle to meet each of these organizational expectations because they are busy keeping up with stakeholder demands and unanticipated challenges. Sage provides strategic planning for organizational effectiveness in the following areas:


Organizations and the individuals that make them up are constantly changing. While the ideas of change sometimes generates anxiety and resistance, the truth is: if your organization is not changing, it is not growing. Businesses change due to technology, competition, supply and demand, and most importantly – growth and development. Sage Change Management methodologies engage all stakeholders by building commitment, communication, training, and creating an action plan for personal and professional advancement during change.  Sage consultants provide onsite support for the following services:


Each year, Forbes ranks the top 100 companies to work for. The companies are selected based on employee feedback regarding management credibility, job satisfaction and camaraderie. Each year the top ranking companies teach us how critical organizational culture is to a company’s bottom line. Whether you desire a culture that encompasses the specific characteristics required to meet your organizational objectives, or your organization is going through a transition such as a merger, downsizing or sudden growth, Sage develops the steps to cast vision, encourage employee engagement and implement a plan. We utilize specific interventions to create healthy, thriving cultures that do the following:


A key component of having a competitive position within an industry lies in the skill set of an organization’s internal resources – their people. Markets are changing and competition is growing. For any organization to compete, it is crucial they aggressively invest in training and development efforts as a key strategy for talent management. Sage experts provide customized training programs that cater to your organization’s specific needs.  Key training curriculums are designed around the following: